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? CFW Interview – FYI CoFounder Hiten Shah

We sat down with Hiten Shah, CoFounder of CrazyEgg, KISSmetrics, and most recently FYI (find your documents in 3 clicks or less).

Here are some of the most interesting takeaways:

  • You can’t have expectations of your cofounder changing (5:45)
  • Why Hiten loves context switching, against the popular wisdom to focus on one thing (13:40)
  • Making energy for things is more important than making time for things (15:25)
  • Hiten doesn’t see himself retiring (17:25)
  • Why care about legacy? You’re forgotten sooner than you think (19:00)
  • A typical day in the life (27:00)
  • Most important communication principles: fast, honest, direct (35:00)
  • What Hiten would tell his younger self: “Learn how to accept the change that is happening” (38:33)
  • You add value to the world when you don’t think about adding value (42:20)

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