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Day in the Life: Jerry Neumanm

Every once in a while, you come across someone who lives by the beat of their own drum. Jerry Neumann is one of those people.

Jerry is an NYC-based VC. He has invested in companies like Simple (acquired by BBVA), Tradedesk (IPO), and Datadog. Since Jerry invests his own money, he sets his own schedule and makes it intentionally flexible.

While every day may look a bit different for him, here’s a Day in the Life of Jerry Neumann:

8AM: Review material for Friday’s class. I teach Managing Technological Innovation, up at Columbia’s engineering school.

8:45AM: Procrastinate on Twitter (unscheduled).

9:00AM: Read final version of convertible note, sign and return, initiate wire.

10:30AM: Personal scheduling

11AM: Gym & pick up lunch

LUNCH: Eat a salad (unusual for me) while tweaking slides for Friday’s class.

1PM: Intro call with an entrepreneur

1:45PM: Respond to emails

2PM: Bi-weekly phone chat with portfolio company founder

3PM: Write agenda for Monday post-raise planning meeting with portfolio company founders

4PM: Coffee with another VC


6:30PM: Scan industry news

7PM: Hang with the family: dinner, help teenager with math (they’re now doing limits, so that should be fun), try to get some reading in. Right now working on either: Stuart Kauffman’s At Home in the Universe or Alastair Reynolds’ Permafrost.

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