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Day in the Life: Paul Michaux

Paul Michaux is Co-Founder of Prose, a custom beauty brand freshly made with natural active ingredients. Prose raised $25m from investors like Forerunner Ventures and Insight Partners. They have grown the team to nearly 70 employees in two years. He’s from Paris and is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Here’s a day in the life of Paul:

6:30am: I pretty much start my day waking up at 6:30am even though I barely get out of bed before 7:30am. Half of my team is in Paris, so I do something unhealthy where I take out my phone first thing in the morning, open Slack, and to get a sense of how things are going. Depending on that, I can give myself an extra hour of sleep.

8:30am: I don’t need much coffee before 8:30am, the time I arrive at the office and take my breakfast. I’ll eat a cereal bar. I don’t pay too much attention to my diet,I just try to stay away from sugar or shitty stuff.

9:00am: Meeting with Paris team where we have our R&D teams.

10am: Digital product team meeting including my CTO discussing the roadmap of current projects.

11am: I usually have a meeting with Arnaud, my co-founder and CEO, either discussing on-going projects or giving update to investors.

12pm: Lunch in New York is way different than what I used to experience in France — here I have a quick lunch at my desk. Except Thursday where it’s a team lunch, and we take time to chat with each other. We’re in SoHo so we have diverse options but I usually have sushi. It’s quick, healthy, and doesn’t smell (I hate smelly food. Smelling like food for the rest of the day makes me crazy. Weird, I know). Or I’ll have a basic sandwich.

12:30pm: Have a small espresso after lunch. We have a machine that grinds the coffee and makes a real espresso. That’s important.

1pm: Paris office is going offline.  We usually use the afternoon with the Digital Product team to work on upcoming projects, meeting with the different teams in NYC.

4pm: Interviews with candidates. I usually run 30 minute interviews. We have a pretty healthy interview process now, where people ask different questions for each candidate, which was not the case at the beginning! I like to discuss values and if the company is a cultural fit, which is a very important requirement. I get to meet a lot of good people and focus on their aspirations, rather than the typical business questions. I’m pretty famous for my unexpected questions. I was once hiring our now Head of People, and I genuinely asked “You’re a recruiter and an HR person, what is the question I should ask you and what is your answer?”. I usually ask the unexpected  questions at the end of the interview once I’ve gotten to know them.

7pm: I try to leave the office before 8pm. When I don’t have a PR dinner or event to attend. I go home on my bike or taking the beautiful L line to Brooklyn. I’ve started a habit of doing a puzzle at home. Right now, I’m doing a Claude Monet which is a hell of a pain because he does oil painting. What’s the difference between the sea and the sky? I try not to look at my screen (of course, occasionally looking at email or Slack), and find that puzzles are really relaxing.

11pm: Get in bed, take plant people CBD drops to help my bad back and I read in bed. I have the bad tendency of reading a few books at the same time. I’m finishing a book by French author Romain Gary called Les Mangeurs d’étoiles about a weird dictator in South America. I’m also trying to finish Sapiens by Yuval Harari. I’m not crazy about it. It could have been 50 pages. Books for me are like food, I like to finish everything I’m starting but sometimes it can be painful.

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